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Features 21 bonus tracks of previously unreleased acoustic versions of the classic tracks, rehearsals, sound checks live takes recorded during McCartney's world tours of 1975, 1989-1990 and 1993, interviews about the album with Paul and Linda and memories of Denny Laine.

WHERE: http://www.broadcast.com/bandontherun/

WHEN: 12:00 Noon on March 8,1999 through Tuesday, March 9th.

HOW: Anyone with a multimedia personal computer and Internet access can listen to the CD on-demand. Users will need streaming media software, which can be downloaded free from the broadcast.com site.

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Majestic McCartney

"It's hard to follow my own act. But the only answer to that would be to give up after the Beatles. I had only two alternatives. Give up or carry on."-Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney, the man, and the legend

From the most humble of beginnings, in the very unlikely area of Liverpool, to a shining beacon of hope to all that aspire to do great things. Paul McCartney has shown that no mater where you are from, or what background or education, you can achieve great things. His intentions and motives are easy to understand, but his awesome drive that keeps him going is something that only he can posses.

When the break-up of the Beatles was first announced, some saw Paul as the Villain. But as time would prove, his talent and charm was strong enough to win back almost any cynic. He saw music as more than a pulpit, which most of the artist of the time were doing. Instead he decided to show everyone that music was also meant to be entertaining.

But his grand talent for some fans still sometimes overshadowed music desire to once again see the Partying Paul McCartney, as opposed to Family man Paul. But once again, Paul proved something else to the entire entertainment business that they had seemed to forget. That family and loved ones are the real treasure in life, and he is the perfect example to me of a loving partner, and doting father.

Despite the fact that he is quite obviously a brilliant, and shining star, to be forever admired in the musical firmament, he tries to prove to the world that he is just a man. With feelings and desires like everyone else. He also shows his love towards animals, and his family, in a very public way.

He is a man who sees his challenges and accepts them bit by bit. He has done so much for the world. Not just the world as we know it, but the entertainment world as well. Keep in mind that he is no saint, but no one is perfect. (But he does come pretty close if you were to ask me)

As a Beatle, he shined brightly, and brilliantly. With the assistance of his talented band mates, he has become one of the world's finest musicians. Being placed in the Guinness Book of world records as having the tittle of "most successful recording artist of all time." (This is an award given to a singular person and not a group. The Beatles themselves hold the tittle as most successful group or band)

In the end what can be said about this miraculous man? Some say in his mature age he has become softer, and has lost his talent that came with the success of The Beatles. And some may be bored with his very public image as family man, but with time comes change and wisdom. Paul said it best when he said, "They say" 'Here's old family man Paulie, back with the sheep, what a yawn.' If I were really concerned with the image I'd always be down in the clubs, buying them all drinks and popping pills just to show them how hip I am. But it reaches a point where it just doesn't work; you can't live for all that."


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